Carbs in Blackberries: Are They Keto?

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Blueberries and strawberries often overshadow blackberries. Yet they are just as versatile. They can be used as a snack, in baking, desserts, smoothies, and other drinks.

But do sweet blackberries fit into a low-carb diet like keto?

Here’s how many blackberries per day you can eat on a ketogenic diet.

Are Blackberries Keto-Friendly?

You can purchase them at grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and natural food stores.

They are seasonal fruits harvested only between July and October, making them valuable food.

Blackberries go wonderfully in summertime punch or yogurt. Therefore, can these sweet fruits suit keto and other low-carb diets?

To find out, we need to look closely at their carbohydrate content.

Carbs in Blackberries

Berries have a reputation for being poorer in carbohydrates than other fruits. Is that why blackberries might even fit into a ketogenic diet in rough amounts?

The nutrition facts will tell us what amounts we can eat.

How Many Carbohydrates Are in 100 Grams Blackberries?

100 grams of commercial blackberries provide the following average nutritional values (*):

  • Energy: 43 calories
  • Protein: 1.4 grams
  • Fat: 0.5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 9.6 grams
  • Dietary fiber: 5.3 grams
  • Net carbs: 4.3 grams

The nutritional facts are astounding. Blackberries have even fewer carbohydrates than raspberries. They are the berries with the fewest net carbohydrates of all. Plus, their fiber content is high.

Even their fat-to-net carbohydrate ratio of 0.12 is a good value for fruit.

blackberries are keto due to few carbs

Are Blackberries Keto?

Yes, Blackberries are keto-friendly fruits.

You must eat more than a pound of blackberries to get thrown out of ketosis.

100 grams of blackberries contain less than 0.1 grams of sucrose but about 2.4 grams each of glucose and fructose (*).

Sucrose is what we mean by table sugar. Ordinary sugar, in turn, consists of 50% glucose and 50% fructose.

100 grams of blackberries provide 4.9 grams of table sugar, which is incredibly low for fruit.

The blackberry is a fruit more suitable for the ketogenic diet than most others. Only exotics like star fruit or avocado do even better.

Are Blackberries Healthy?

Blackberries are rich in vitamins C and K. In addition, they provide a lot of manganese (*).

What makes blackberries so exciting, however, are certain bioactive substances. These anthocyanins belong to polyphenols and are in high concentrations in this fruit.

Scientists consider them effective in limiting cancer growth (Dai et al. 2007)

For example, blackberry extract has been shown to exert tumor-preventive effects on human lung cancer cells (Feng et al. 2004).

The anticancer properties of blackberries are an excellent match for the health benefits of keto.

Blackberries Are Well-Suited for Keto

Among low-carb berries, blackberries are the top choice. They provide the least amount of carbohydrates. Blackberries also have numerous health benefits.

They are a vital source of antioxidants that is also incredibly versatile on a ketogenic diet.

Carbs in Blackberries: Keto FAQ

How many blackberries are allowed on keto?

You can eat up to one pound of blackberries daily on keto.

Are raspberries or blackberries better for keto?

While blackberries are slightly better than raspberries, those are the best two berries for keto.

Which berry is best on keto?

Blackberry is the best berry for keto due to the lowest net carbs.

Are blackberries or blueberries better on keto?

Blackberries are better for keto since they have less than half the net carbs of blueberries.

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