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Hey everyone! I’m Stephan, and I help busy people balance hormones naturally to live a cheerful, dynamic, long life.

The average person lets modern-day stressors dictate their lives, gets out of shape, and drastically reduces their lifespan by eating the standard Western pattern diet (WPD) — don’t be that average person.

I’ve spent years working myself through self-experiments, countless studies and endocrinology books. And here’s the bottom line: Optimizing health involves multiple factors but empowered with comprehensive knowledge it is a simple daily task. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by nutritional advice — don’t worry. I’ll save you a lot of time by guiding you through the facts that have an impact.

What it's About.


Cell aging and modern diseases drastically depend on your diet

Hormone Balance

Hormones are the scientific key to weight loss and health

Weight Loss

Fat loss is the much appreciated by-product of health optimization

What it's NOT About.

Calorie Counting

Calorie reduction approaches have been proven to fail


Eating less feels horrible and can cause burning of muscle for energy

Exercising Daily

Too much exercise counteracts weight loss ambitions

What to Use.

Ketogenic Diet

High-fat low-carb lowers insulin, medium-protein inhibits aging

Intermittent Fasting

Boost cell renewal, your immune system and lower insulin levels

Smarter Exercise

Exercise less but in a way that stimulates hormones that matter

What to Reduce.


Cortisol impacts your body and mind in more ways than you think


The most dangerous substance in the Western world fostering obesity


Plant toxins cause inflammation, autoimmune diseases, weight gain

What to Improve.

Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin resistance is the primary cause of obesity


Mitochondria metabolism is crucial to extending your lifespan

Gut Health

The second brain is vital for weight loss and mood improvement

What to Prevent.

Modern Diseases

Hormone balance can shatter the risk of leading death causes


Reduction of inflammatory foods like lectins improves overall health

Cell Aging

Smart macro-nutrient composition counteracts aging

modern-day stress

Humans were designed for acute stress, but modern-day stressors are persisting. Lower your cortisol levels to inhibit mood swings, fat storage, and catabolic effects on our bodies.

Stress and Weight Loss

There is a cause-and-effect relationship between stress and weight gain — especially for psychological, chronic stress. Understand why and how stress and weight loss ambitions are counteracting.

Artificial Sweeteners

I had an in-depth look at natural and artificial sweeteners to give you an evidence-based guide on possible dangers and show you if diet soda is bad for you on keto.

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