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Stop calorie counting and wasting your time in the gym. I help you beat contradictory diet advice.

Stephan Lederer

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“This book is informative and an easy read about fasting. Excellent book for one to decide fasting is the easiest, economic, and best path to a healthy life.”
James K.
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“This book mixes science and common information in a nice format. I experienced every processing emotion from head-nodding in agreement to a few lightbulb moments.”
T. Fisher
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"What sets this book apart from others is its flirty and direct approach, making it an enjoyable and educational read."
Luis Magalhaes
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"Everything a woman needs to know about hormones menopause and estrogen is covered in this comprehensive book. I especially LOVE the 30-day challenge."
Kirstie Newton
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Say goodbye to contradictory diet advice!

Stop the annoying calorie counting and wasting your time in the gym.

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book: intermittent fasting 101 by stephan lederer