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Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m a big fan of natural foods that don’t come from packaging. Still, readers keep asking me about the best supplements for specific situations, like menopausal symptoms.

The best vitamins for menopause are hard to find because most products contain synthetic emulsifiers, fillers, dyes, flavors, and other additives. These additives have been shown to promote intestinal, metabolic, and autoimmune disorders (Hrncirova et al. 20191Partridge et al. 20192).

In this menopause supplement guide, I look for the best natural products without hormones and additives.

What Are the Best Menopause Supplements?

To derive outstanding supplements for menopause based on studies, we need to understand what the onset of menopause means for the female body.

Menopause initiates a natural aging process through which the ovaries produce fewer reproductive hormones. As a result, ovaries, urogenital organs, bones, and arteries change (Peacock et al. 20223).

The menopausal transition comes with common symptoms:

  • Abdominal weight gain
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Bone loss, muscle, and joint pain
  • Breast tenderness
  • Decreased libido

Estrogen is essential in regulating insulin, blood sugar, metabolism, appetite, and body fat distribution (Mauvais-Jarvis et al. 20134).

Therefore, menopausal women gain abdominal fat and lose lean mass more easily due to the decline in estrogen and testosterone (Lovejoy et al. 19985Maltais et al. 20096).

This fact is often colloquially referred to as a slowing of metabolism.

Because menopause alters the nerves of the blood vessels, hot flashes, night sweats, and headaches are complaints that can occur early (Peacock et al. 20227).

Finally, the menopausal transition (perimenopause) is a slow process characterized by hormonal fluctuations. The natural decline of estrogen and progesterone can begin as early as in the 30s.

Conversely, the best supplements for menopause regulate estrogen levels naturally.

Therefore, herbal remedies may be better alternatives for menopause than vitamins. We’ll now take a closer look at what this means.

Best Menopause Supplements to Buy on Amazon

I have compared supplements for menopausal symptoms in four categories for you:

  • Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Pure natural herbal supplements
  • Best menopause weight loss supplement
  • Energy- and libido-boosting vitamins

You can buy all products on Amazon, for which I use affiliate links.

natural herbal menopause supplements

Best Vitamins for Women over 40

Although vitamins is a colloquial term for supplements in general, the need to take vitamin supplements is often overestimated, especially concerning menopause.

Natural hormonal changes mark the onset of menopause, not vitamin deficiencies. They are caused independently by malnutrition.

Nutrition is essential in determining the degree of menopausal symptoms. The idea that vitamins and minerals can compensate for any nutritional sins is tempting but false.

Our bodies best absorb natural foods’ vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The fact that the bioavailability of supplements is often not as high is sometimes due to the additives in the products.

And we find these unnecessary additives, especially in so-called vitamins for menopause.

All the promising menopause supplements focusing on vitamins and minerals have a significant problem: Added sugars.

Most brands hide sugar in fruit blends and as maltodextrin, inositol, or potato starch in their other ingredients. Some use artificial sweeteners as well.

Mostly, you won’t find these ingredients in the images in the product description. But they have to be on the product itself.

Sugar not only promotes inflammation and cravings but also inhibits the ability of cells to take up vitamin C (Buyken et al. 20148Teff et al. 20049Cunningham 199810).

In addition, it interferes with estrogen regulation in the body (CFRI 200711Daka et al. 201312).

Sugar makes no sense in a vitamin capsule for swallowing.

Besides maltodextrin and synthetic additives like dye, one top-selling multivitamin for menopause contains a bioengineered food ingredient (*).

Simply put, it’s GMO.

Accordingly, I currently find no particular vitamin product on the market adding particular value during menopause. For this reason, I will focus on more natural supplements in the next part.

However, one vitamin and one amino acid supplement may be helpful in general.

B Vitamins

Due to the vegan trend, some essential amino acids and vitamins are consumed less in food today.

For example, riboflavin (vitamin B2), found primarily in organ meat, fish, and dairy products, is essential for maintaining bone density (Macdonald et al. 200413).

And the decline in bone mass is a significant problem caused by the estrogen deficiency of menopause (Peacock et al. 202214).

On the other hand, researchers have found that even the slightest riboflavin deficiency significantly contributes to depression in women (Naghashpour et al. 201115).

Those who do not want to eat liver, which provides natural vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9, B11, and B12, can optionally turn to a B-complex. Incidentally, the latter B vitamin is also essential for cellular energy production (O’Leary et al. 201016).

Finding a product free of unnecessary additives isn’t easy, even among B vitamins. Ultimately, I was able to find one B-complex with a minimum of other ingredients used for encapsulating.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0797RXHJ7&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mentalfoodc0f 20&language=en USBest Menopause Vitamins

Product link: Vitamin B Complex


Collagen is the structural protein that provides essential amino acids for skin, hair, bones, muscles, and joints (Stefanovic 201317Proksch et al. 201418Clark et al. 200819).

It is found exclusively in animal products and algae.

Hence, vegetarians will sooner or later need a dietary supplement to counteract physical signs of aging, e.g., skin.

Furthermore, high-quality collagen supports muscle protein synthesis and thus helps with weight loss.

In animal products, the highest nutritional quality is achieved through proper feeding (Couvreur et al. 200620).

Therefore, buying collagen from grass-fed and pasture-raised animals makes sense.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00K6JUG4K&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mentalfoodc0f 20&language=en USCollagen Supplement for Menopause

Product link: Collagen Peptides Powder

Best Natural Herbal Menopause Supplements

While many herbs are said to have positive health effects, they could also be supported by studies in the following.

Dietary supplements made from pure herbal extracts do not contain hormones because they contain natural, active ingredients.

These phytoestrogens have a unique effect (Hwang et al. 200621Poluzzi et al. 201422):

  • At low estrogen levels (primarily postmenopause), they act similarly to estrogen
  • At high estrogen levels (mainly reproductive years), they can exert antiestrogenic effects

In short, these herbal polyphenols may help women regulate estrogen levels naturally in almost any situation. This way, PMS or menopausal symptoms may be relieved.

Therefore, here are what I consider to be the best phytoestrogen supplements on the market that are hormone-free and, most importantly, completely free of unnecessary additives.

1. Red Clover

According to studies, the isoflavones in red clover can help reduce menopausal hot flashes (Lambert et al. 201723).

They are a better alternative to soy isoflavones, which food manufacturers like to use because they are cheaper.

There is also a reason for this. Soy is the most genetically manipulated crop, even ahead of corn. For example, in 2013, about 93 percent of the soy grown in the U.S. was already genetically modified (USDA 201424).

In addition, soy is rich in antinutrients such as lectins or phytic acid, which are harmful to the gut and prevent the absorption of other nutrients (Gibson et al. 201025).

Therefore, I think soy isoflavones and other additives from soy in dietary supplements are not ideal. You are better off with these organic 100% pure red clover extract capsules without additives.

71hdghvT70L. AC SL1500
Source: Amazon

Product link: Organic Red Clover Capsules

2. Valerian

This herb is well known for its calming effects.

On the other hand, few people know that valerian has been able to reduce hot flashes in a triple-blind randomized clinical trial – one of the highest quality studies available.

On top of that, the researchers suggest that health professionals consider valerian an effective remedy for menopausal women suffering from hot flashes (Jenabi et al. 201826).

You can buy organic valerian 100% free of additives as a dietary supplement for menopausal symptoms.

71s1Zu8E8oL. AC SL1500
Source: Amazon

Product link: Organic Valerian Root Capsules

3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an insider’s tip among natural menopause supplements.

In a study on 80 women, the plant extract significantly increased free estrogen and libido (Rao et al. 201527).

These veggie capsules are filled exclusively with pure organic fenugreek seed powder.

61MblLBjY0L. AC SL1000
Source: Amazon

Product link: Organic Fenugreek Capsules

4. Chasteberry

Chaste tree berries contain a phytoestrogen called apigenin (Rani et al. 201328).

Studies suggest that the herbal supplement can relieve breast pain and increase libido in menopausal women (Carmichael 200829Heirati et al. 202130).

You can get the highest quality chasteberry supplement on the market as a pure liquid extract.

Source: Amazon

Product link: Chasteberry Extract

5. Dong Quai

Medicinal angelica or Dong Quai has been used in China for centuries to reduce hot flashes and relieve other symptoms of PMS and menopause (Kelley et al. 201031).

Studies suggest that the plant may exert estrogen-like effects (Lau et al. 200532).

You can buy herbal capsules with pure Dong Quai without additives on Amazon.

71joDDchWiL. AC SL1500
Source: Amazon

Product link: Angelica Capsules

6. Ginkgo Biloba

According to researchers, this laboratory-tested Ginkgo Biloba extract may even provide a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapies for postmenopausal women (Oh et al. 200433).

Since you will hardly find ginkgo capsules without additives, the best way is to get a 100% pure liquid extract.

Source: Amazon

Product link: Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Herbal Tea Alternatives

Don’t feel like popping pills? No worries!

All of the herbs mentioned above are also available as 100% organic teas:

organic red clover tea
Source: Amazon

1) Product link: Organic Red Clover Tea

organic valerian root tea
Source: Amazon

2) Product link: Organic Valerian Root Tea

organic fenugreek tea
Source: Amazon

3) Product link: Organic Fenugreek Tea

organic chasteberry tea
Source: Amazon

4) Product link: Organic Chasteberry Tea

organic dong quai tea
Source: Amazon

5) Product link: Organic Dong Quai Tea

ginkgo biloba tea
Source: Amazon

6) Product link: Ginkgo Biloba Tea

Best Menopause Supplement for Weight Loss

You might be surprised, but tea is the best natural menopause weight loss supplement. Why is that?

Only single herbal supplements come 100% without additives. Herbal blends in capsules not only come with anti-caging agents but with many other additives in most cases.

The only weight loss supplement I can recommend is a tea blend of hormone-regulating and metabolism-boosting herbs. Hence, it ideally suits menopausal women’s needs.

Besides ginkgo, it uses licorice root, which may help with menopausal symptoms (Nahidi et al. 201234).

Among other beneficial herbs, it contains green tea and dandelion leaves, which may boost metabolism and help with weight loss (Serisier et al. 200835; Olas 202236).

menoslim herbal tea supplement

Product link: Menoslim Herbal Supplement

Best Women’s Vitamins for Libido and Energy

Finding a vitamin combining different beneficial natural herbal compounds was not easy. Finally, I found a libido- and energy-boosting supplement with a minimum of other ingredients used for encapsulating.

It combines the menopause symptom-relieving and libido-boosting effects of Dong Quai and chasteberry fruit extract with maca root.

In a recent study, three grams of maca daily improved the mood and energy levels of the subjects significantly (Gonzales-Arimborgo et al. 201637).

Besides the energy-boosting effect, other studies state that maca may help reduce anxiety and depression symptoms in postmenopausal women (Brooks et al. 200838).

Therefore, this product’s natural combination of herbs is auspicious for boosting libido and energy.

go with the flow supplement

Product link: Go with The Flow

Best Menopause Supplements Are Natural Without Additives

Although they can be beneficial, supplements should be used cautiously, especially in high doses over the long term. Although herbal products may appear safer than hormone supplements, this is not always true.

Supplements are less well-regulated than people may believe. Most menopause supplements contain questionable ingredients or additives that can harm your health.

Even test winners are not always safe. Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement, even if it is herbal.

Supplements do not substitute for a lifestyle and diet that balances hormones naturally.

If you want to set your hormone balance on track for weight loss and well-being without popping pills, start today with my free 30-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge.

Menopause Supplements FAQ

What is the best supplement to take for perimenopause?

The best perimenopause supplements are capsules containing natural plant extracts without hormones or additives.

What supplements should I take for menopause?

According to studies, the best remedies for menopause are pure herbal extracts from valerian, fenugreek, chasteberry, and ginkgo biloba.

What vitamins does a woman in menopause need?

If you eat a purely plant-based diet during menopause, it may make sense to take B vitamins. On the other hand, natural herbal supplements might be the better option for hormonal balance.

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