Keto Diet

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Carbs in Mayo: Is It Keto?

Learn if commercial mayo is keto based on carbs and ingredients. Additionally, find a low-carb mayonnaise recipe in the article.

Carbs in Hummus: Is it Keto?

Hummus is a difficult candidate when it comes to a keto diet. Find out if hummus is low in carbs and suitable for weight loss.

How Bad Is Sucralose on Keto?

Sucralose sweetens countless foods – learn whether the sweetener is bad for you or a legitimate sugar substitute on keto.

11 Ways to Break a Keto Plateau

Although it's not obvious what causes a keto stall, these 11 science-based methods will help you break through a weight loss plateau on keto.

10 Best Nuts for Keto

The ultimate guide to eating nuts on keto: Which nuts are allowed, best keto nuts to eat, how many nuts are too many.